I’m Pissed. Care to Join Me?

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I have something very personal for you today.

Typically I don’t get too deep into my personal life, but I’m changing that today. And it’s something that can impact your life for the next year, and forever if you want it to.

Many people look at the first of the year as time to start anew, make changes, set goals, resolutions, etc. And by about January 7th or sooner they go back to their old habits.

If you’ve already decided to, or are even considering making some changes, I encourage you to first watch this video from Darren Hardy, then I’ll tell you what’s going on with me.

(I watched if FIVE times this morning. No kidding. I suggest going through it at least twice.)

Ok, how do you feel? What are you pissed about?

Enough to take some action?

I imagine there is some area of your life in which that hit home with you. That’s awesome. Apply that to whatever resolution you are considering for the new year and make it happen.

My Personal Story

Personally I’m very pissed. I’m taking massive action. And you can join me if you’d like.

Statistically, I know many of you are in a similar situation.

I’ve been pretty healthy my entire life. I just turned 57. My weight has fluctuated some, but for the most part I’ve had an athletic build, with periods of the belly and face-fatness showing up.

For about 10 years I’ve gone to the gym ritualistically 4-5 days a week. My diet is mostly clean, organic, sugar-free, and I avoid most processed foods.  I live with a holistic health coach, and she has really educated me on what and how to eat.  I’m a self-taught, better-than-average cook, and sure, I’ve won barbecue competitions, but most of what I cook everyday, and what I’m good at is yummy, healthy, natural food.

(There are so many myths about food and nutrition; the truth is that yes you can and should eat butter–the right kind. Fat in food is not the major cause of heart disease. Many foods passing themselves off as gluten-free, healthy and “light” are killing you. I digress.)

But, there are some leaks in my program… I enjoy beer in more than moderation, and I have a pizza issue. There are a few others.

I’ve reached the pissed point. Bigly.

My pants are tight. The belly hangs over. Shirts are snugger in the middle.

Pissed. Enough already.

I operate at a high motivation and attitude level, but I noticed the mojo is a gear off from what I like it to be.

Maybe it’s a guy thing, but I rationalized all of this away over the past couple of months with,

“Yeah, I can lose 15 pounds quickly whenever I want. I don’t look that bad.”

Stop. Who am I kidding? Yes I do.

Usually I can fix things relatively quickly. IF I decide to do it.

But, I haven’t done it yet. And when you coast, you know which way you go, right?

In the past, my pissed, or trigger events have been medical tests. Lab work comes back from a physical, cholesterol is elevated, get back on the program. Lose the belly, numbers go down.

Well, I had my physical last week. Lab results came back. Cholesterol and triglycerides are high. Higher than they’ve ever been. I’ll spare you the minutiae.

Now this isn’t just about aesthetics or tight jeans. It’s potentially life-threatening if ignored

I’m pissed. Really pissed.

I’ve had it.

Time for action. Massive action.

I’m making some health changes. Non-negotiable. Policies are going into place.

What? Are you going all woo-woo/wheatgerm/John Lennon-glasses/evangelical/vegan on us, Art?

No far from it. A healthy lifestyle still tastes good, and doesn’t need to make you crazy. (And I will always eat animal protein. No apologies).

And this also ties directly into being successful as a sales pro (or whatever anyone does in life). But of course we’re going to focus on how it helps us in sales.

The Sales Professional Success Triangle

I sat down the other day and mapped out what I’m calling the Sales Professional Success Triangle. I got all excited and thought I came up with an original term, then I Googled it and found out I didn’t. But the others are not like mine.

(I don’t have the cool graphic yet, but I will.)

To be truly successful and operate at our optimal level, these components need to be in place:

Attitude: comprised of our outlook on life, mental/emotional health, spirituality, and relationships.

Skills: sales skills, product knowledge, communication skills. Essentially, the things I’ve taught for over 33 years.

And, here’s the one I’ve maybe mentioned just a few times during all those years (huge neglect on my part), but every bit as important as the other two sides of the triangle:

Physical Health. This includes nutrition, and exercise. And by the way, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. What goes in your body accounts for about 80% of your health.

This all drives our Actions. Which results in our Success. Or lack thereof.

When any of the three sides are lacking, you are not operating at your optimum potential. Especially health.

If you are carrying extra body-baggage, inject yourself with caffeine and sodas, snack on rat poison—I mean sugar, suffer from aches and pains just from getting out of a chair, have foggy thinking, and find yourself dragging during parts of the day, how could you possibly be at the top of your sales game?

How could you radiate enthusiasm for what you’re selling? Focus with the clarity necessary to plan for, and execute successful calls? Have the energy to put in the calling activity necessary to hit your numbers?

We can’t. Unless that third side of the triangle is also optimized.

So, what am I doing, and why am I sharing it with you?

I’m doing a 30-days to healthy living regimen starting the beginning of January. (Actually I’m doing some of it right now, but well, you know…the Holidays—there’s that rationalization thing again. Dammit!)

I’ll share all of the details with you next week, but in a nutshell it’s not a crazy “diet” or maniacal workout program. It’s comprised of guidelines on what and how to eat—and avoid. At home, and at the office. Meals and snacks. What to drink, and avoid. There is detailed guidance, lists, recipes, coaching, and more, every step of the way. There is a private Facebook community with daily instructions and participant encouragement, interaction, and accountability.

This is a proven program. (And tasty! You’ll be pleasantly surprised.) Thousands are living healthier, happier, longer lives as a result.

This affects the way we look, feel, and what is going on inside our body. And of course it affects the other two side of the triangle, and our overall sales success.

Here’s a another personal leap I’ve never done before: I’m going to put myself out there and post a blog/journal of my own progress, with regular updates on results and setbacks (hopefully minimal) recipes, fun stuff, videos, (maybe measurements. Gulp) and more.

Is your weight/body/fitness/nutrition/overall health where you want it and where it needs to be? If not, are you pissed enough to do something? Now?

If you have any interest at all and want to go on this journey with me, just click here watch the video.

I’m going to share a personal side that I’ve never before. It’ll be easier, more fun, and motivating when there are other like-minded sales pros in it together. Join me. Join us.

And, if this is not for you, no worries. Thanks for reading this far. I’ll continue cranking out sales-building value like I always have. Except there will be a healthier, smaller me doing it. 😉

(And please do comment below!)


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Gary Rasmussen December 13, 2016 at 10:57 am


I don’t know why you are so angry. You should be thrilled that you are starting a journey to a newer. healthier, happier you. I like you am 57. I workout everyday (Crossfit gym in my garage), mountain bike, rock climb, trail ride etc. I’m 6’1″, 200 lbs, 4 pack (working on 6) and wear size 32 wranglers. The Good Lord has more than blessed me with good genetics but I also know how to take excellent care of myself (just not physically, but mentally, emotionally, financially and most important, spiritually).

Get excited, I’m talking crazy excited. Be excited to start a journey that will make you healthier and happier than you have ever been. Instead of looking at what you don’t have, look at what you do. An “Attitude of Gratitude” will get you so much further than getting angry and the bottom line is………..what good does getting angry do besides upset the balance of cortisol levels in your body?

Remember this one thing Art. The hard part isn’t getting your body in shape. The hard part is getting your mind in shape.

For every slice of pizza you eat do 100 Burpees. For every glass of beer you drink, do 100 Burpees. I guarantee you that the food you crave will no longer look that appetizing and your road to a healthier you will be quicker than you think.

Now quit whining and throwing a pity party and get to work.


Art Sobczak December 13, 2016 at 11:57 am

Good for you Gary. You sound like you’ve got it going on.

Not sure if you read the entire thing, or watched the video. I’m not whining. The “getting pissed” is a form of motivation that means the WHY is so strong it forces action. That’s what good it does.

Thanks for the advice though.


Gary Rasmussen December 13, 2016 at 12:41 pm


We are all a work in progress. When we focus on gratitude and thank the Good Lord for all He has blessed us with, it’s amazing how our lives transform,(inside and out). Burpees are a major motivation for me not to eat junk food. They call it junk for a reason. Keep fighting the good fight, and when in doubt, do a Burpee.


Jennifer December 13, 2016 at 11:38 am

Sounds great, Art! Just what I need. Thanks for always adding value to our lives.


Art Sobczak December 13, 2016 at 11:58 am

Awesome Jennifer! Hope you join us.


Frank A - Spring(Houston) December 26, 2016 at 9:23 pm

One of the best things you can do to insure success in turning around your physical health is to have a cardiologist on your team that PRACTICES what he preaches. I speak from experience…mine teaches martial arts, teaches boxing to his son and friends as well as runs/jogs. Really encouraging for me over past 20 years after meeting him in ER at 2AM.


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