Man Suing My KC Royals for Getting Hit in the Eye With a Wiener (insert your own punch line)

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This has nothing to do with sales. But I am so upset I had to share it with you.

At this time of the year I get really optimistic, since Spring Training is now starting for baseball teams, and everyone technically still has an equal chance. I will attend as many spring games as I can in Arizona.  I’ve been a lifelong Kansas City Royals fan since their inception in 1969, when I was just 9. I was at the seventh game of the World Series when they won it all in 1985. And I have followed them in all the years since when they have mostly sucked. I even attended their fantasy camp a few years ago and had the opportunity to play with and against guys I watched while growing up. I’m just a Royals geek. And hey, we made some offseason moves, that, well, we’ll see…these guys could have career years.

But now, however, a horrible omen has thrown a damper on even my unreasonable optimism. A man has filed a lawsuit against the Royals because he was hit in the eye at a game last year by a hot dog thrown by the mascot, a guy in a lion suit. (See the story here.) Great, that’s all we need.

So I’m thinking the Royals have now already been mathematically eliminated from contention. There’s always next year.


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Tammy Fritz February 25, 2010 at 8:30 am

This is almost as stupid as the woman who sued McDonalds for spilling their hot coffee on herself. You’re at a baseball game, flying objects are part of being at a ball game. Would he be suing if he got hit with a baseball? No, he’d be keeping it for a souveneir and trying to get it autographed. Every ball park out there has signs that tell you to watch out for flying balls, what’s the difference between that and a hot dog?


BrianJUY February 25, 2010 at 5:47 pm

I grew up outside of KC… I’ve been to more Royals games at Royals/ Kauffman Stadium than you could shake a hot dog at 😉

I’ve been a Royals fan since I can remember… 85, George Brett and Brett Saberhagen were my heroes…

I never did like Bo Jackson… I was a Chiefs fan and even though he batted for KC, he held the ball for the Raiders…

It’s been a quarter of a century since they won the pennant… Maybe karma will play into it and they’ll go all the way this year…


Tom Billable March 4, 2010 at 10:22 am

Dude, you sound like a Cubs Fan. It may only be another 100 years before you can make it to the ALCS again. Who knows how long it will take to ever make it to the series.


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