In my Smart Calling Report (the monthly newsletter for my Inner Circle members with my newest tips, and great training from other experts) last month I presented a number of brief tidbits from my research and observations. Today I’m sharing a few with you here.

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I came across an article that cited studies showing that people are more interested in talking about themselves than they are food or money.I’d guess that has always been true to a degree. But it’s amplified today.

Just look at Facebook, Instagram, and other “look at how cool my life is” social media sites.

How can you use this? No shocker here. Ask questions to prompt people to talk about themselves, their situation, and what they plan on doing next.

Then, resist the tendency to tell a “bigger fish” story about yourself, and encourage them to go deeper. You get great info, and it builds their likability with you. [click to continue…]

Don’t “Data Dump” on Your Prospects

Sales Recommendations (presentations)

Many sales practice “data dumping.” That is backing up the truck and dumping out everything they know about their product or service on the prospect or customer. Of course, just as if someone had the load from a real dump truck poured on them, that is not a good thing. In this brief audio tip, […]

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Build Your Successful Call. Attend the Smart Calling College

Resources I Recommend

The College is my most comprehensive, step-by-step training for inside sales pros, and outside reps who use the phone to prospect, follow-up, and manage accounts. It’s the same program I’ve delivered live across the country hundreds of times over the years, with over 3,000 graduates. This is a hybrid virtual/live program, with the first video […]

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How to Avoid this Common Sales-Killing LinkedIn Mistake

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Slow down, Unplug, Take interest, Really Connect, and Make a Difference

Self Motivation

Something a bit different than a typical sales tip today.   But it could have much more of an impact than an opening, answer to objection, or a closing question.   This just happened a couple of hours ago, and I had to get my feelings down in written words while they were so fresh. […]

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How to Listen Like a Homicide Detective


One of the many awesome things about being in sales is that sales actually IS real life. What we do on the phone and in person in prospecting, selling, and working with customers is the same thing we do when interacting with people in all areas of life. That’s why I always say that everyone […]

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How to Beat a Sales Slump

Self Motivation

We’ve all been there. We hit a wall. A streak of no’s, delays, deals that fall through, calls and emails ignored. Then the self-doubt kicks in. It might even affect your ability to execute that next call. Or it might cause you to avoid it. These thoughts can be devastating if left unchecked. What to […]

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Want to Change Your Sales and Prospecting Results? Just Move


I just returned from something I do several times per year: attending a training conference. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on these events over the years, in addition to the training, books, audios and videos that I also invest in regularly. This one was put on by one of the online marketing and […]

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50 Shades of Delay


This is hotter than the original movie or the sequel. Get the free accompanying ebook with all of the examples.

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