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First, thanks to everyone for your comments on the "I’m not interested" post. Some short, some long, some I agree with more than others. I hope to have time later this weekend to comment on more of them individually, but I’m in the middle of several training and speaking assignments, as well as some project deadlines. But please do keep them coming, not only on this post, but any of the others here.

Have had a bit of a breather from business travel the past few weeks, but jumping back into it big time. Got into Indianapolis late last night, with a 70 mile or so drive to West Lafayette.  I was delayed by three different sets of bad directions…from the car rental airport booth attendant, from the printout on the hotel’s website, and finally, from the GPS squawkbox in the car that cheerily told me "I had arrived" when I was on a highway, still two miles away from my destination, with no idea of which way I was then supposed to go. And I don’t trust Mapquest, by the way…too many bad directions in the past. Couldn’t have been much worse I guess. Ah, the joys of travel.

Anyway, a day with a client today, back to Omaha tonight, tomorrow several client calls and working on this month’s Telephone Prospecting and Selling Report newsletter, the Audio Seminar for the Telesales Success Inner Circle, and prepping for next week, off to Toronto on Saturday for a Sunday presentation, back to Omaha Sunday night, meeting with the Tigerpaw Software reps on Monday morning, then to Chicago Monday night for the Telesales College on Tuesday and Wednesday (there are a few spots left, would love to see you there).

Doing my best to keep the economy moving. Do the same, and go and sell something!

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Russ Salo October 19, 2008 at 8:54 pm

Art – next time call me & I’ll set you up with a GARMIN GPS that’ll knock yer socks off –

stay away from anything not GARMIN – Garmins maps are made in the USA for all of Canada & USA — the Tom toms of the world & the in dash GPS units are substandard –

call on me if this happens again -for GPS advice –

Russ – Business by phone 10 year reader & GPS specialist –


Russ Salo October 20, 2008 at 10:08 am

hey -how about a blog post – newsletter post on Negotiation skills & some exercises to keep this part of the sales mind sharp –

Maybe a list of some of the TOP 10 directions that price negotiations take & a few responses & rep considerations to keep mindfull of –


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