An Attitude of a Champion

Self Motivation

I was at the US Open golf tournament in New York. A great atmosphere, and the course is as beautiful as it looks on TV, even when it was wet,  as we experienced.

I followed the finish on Monday on TV from my office,  and was rooting for both Phil Mickelson and David Duval,  who both ended tied for second. Phil was classy as he always is, after a win or otherwise. I was particularly impressed  with Duval. After having been the number  one player in the world prior to Tiger Woods taking over that position around 10 years ago or so, he had some struggles and hasn’t been much of a factor for quite some time. In fact, his ranking coming into the Open was 882.
Yet, in his interview after his final round, in which was  tied for the lead with two holes to play, he said,

"I stand before you certainly happy with how I played,  but extremely disappointed in the outcome. I had no question in my mind I was going to win the golf tournament today."


Wow, that’s the attitude of a champion, which is what it takes to win one. Believing that you can. Already seeing it your mind’s eye.
That’s also the attitude of the best salespeople I have ever  been around. They EXPECT success. It’s not a surprise
when it happens.

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