I Annoyed This Phone Scammer (Warning on the language)

Phone Scammers

This is hilarious, but maddening at the same time.

Listen to this brief call with a guy trying to pull a computer scam on me. I love getting these calls since I get great joy out of screwing with them. This guy obviously is not cut out for this type of work as you’ll see. Out of all the calls I’ve played over the years, this might be the funniest because of the way it ends.

It’s also maddening that this crap is still going on. Obviously, some people must be falling for it, since they still do it. Some are quite clever and sophisticated in their tactics, as outlined in this article. (Although this call doesn’t fit into that category.)

It’s maddening because every one of these calls contaminates the waters we all work in. Anyone who has been burned by a scam call becomes slightly more skeptical when they receive their next call from someone they don’t know. Which could be you.

My approach is to play along with these sleazebags. Ask questions. See how far you can go with them without actually giving them personal information, and certainly not any financial or payment info. Waste their time.  (It could be argued you are wasting yours. Personally, I look at is my entertainment time.) Piss them off. Lead them on to think they have a deal. If possible, see if you can earn enough trust to get a phone number to call them back or have them email you something. There are ways to track down these idiots. I’ve had the email accounts of scammers closed down by contacting their provider and informing them of what’s going on.

These low-lifes are criminals. And they are indirectly affecting your ability to have more success in your profession.

What are your thoughts?

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