Dumb Questions: The Habitual Ones


Here’s more on dumb questions.

I was getting ready to whip up a nice dinner, and realized I forgot to get green onions. No problem. I hustled to the grocery produce section, took a plastic bag from the dispenser, and selected a nice bunch.

The high-school-aged checkout kid rang them up, gave me my change, handed me the bag of onions and said, "Would you like those in a bag?"

Me: "Well, they’re already IN a bag."

Him: (a bit embarrassed) "Oh, yeah."

Another related example:

After the first day of a customized Telesales College I did for a client, I hunted down a nice restaurant for a quick bite (I just noticed all of these examples are food-related!).

A nano-second after the server set down my food, my waitress appeared, and before I could even lift a utensil said, "How is everything?"

"I don’t know yet. It LOOKS ok."

Sales Point
Beware of those questions that are habitual and part of some jobs, but perhaps not always applicable. It’s easy to mindlessly ask certain questions, even when not appropriate.

Do you have examples of these? Either questions you might have asked, or had asked of you? Post your comments below.

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