End With a Positive

Self Motivation

With all of the negativity going on around us, it is especially important for those of us in sales to not contribute to it. As I’ve mentioned before, and will continue to do, you control your attitude and what you will DO next.

Therefore, we need to make it a priority to be proactive in keeping our attitude and activity high.

At the fitness club where I work out in the early morning, I always shoot some baskets to warm up before weights and cardio. I’ve continued a practice I had long ago in high school when I played basketball, and later when I coached my kids’ teams: always be sure your last shot of the day goes in. Small little thing, but I find it lets me end on a positive.

Similarly, when I was an inside sales rep/consultant over 30 years ago for the old AT&T Long Lines in corporate life, cranking out numerous calls daily, I had the same rule: End every day with a call that was a “win.” It was not necessarily a sale on every call, but it was an accomplishment of an objective.

Try it!

End every day with a positive.

It helps you end your day on a high note, and start tomorrow the same.

I’d like to hear from you. What do you do to keep your attitude up?

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