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If you are reading this, congrats, you obviously  made it through the most depressing day of the year without doing anything drastic. 
Yes, January 18 was the most depressing day, according to Dr. Cliff Arnall, a British researcher from Cardiff University. 
Dr. Arnall, who studies such things (and does that make HIM feel better or worse about himself personally, just wondering) 
takes into account factors like post-holiday blahs and debt, failed New Year’s resolutions and, this year, the abnormal bone-chilling temperatures all over and snow.
Most of us in sales–inside sales and prospecting in particular–look at this and snicker. Not only do we experience much more possible negativity than the average non-sales type, we PROACTIVELY put ourselves in positions to get it. 
In fact, if we are NOT regularly getting what most people view as distasteful–no’s–we are not doing our job.

That doesn’t mean we are totally insulated from being pulled down. No, it means we have become skilled at taking what happens to us and view it in a different light. (I speak specifically about how to do this in "How To Sell More, in Less Time, With NO Rejection, Using Common Sense Telephone Techniques )
Every wildly successful salesperson I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing possesses a positive attitude. But it isn’t always 
easy. We must work on it. And certain times are indeed harder than others.
It’s rare that I find a super sales pro who does not enjoy and devour motivational quotes to help keep the motivational fires
roaring. I realized I could contribute to that need and desire a couple of years ago. I compiled a book of the Quotes of the Week from several years worth of these weekly Tips. We sold lots of them at $29. But then, I decided to do something drastic: I started giving it away for free. And you can have a free copy too, if you don’t already.

 That’s right. You can download a copy of  "Motivational Quotes For Salespeople- 250 Inspirational Quotes And Posters To 
Keep Your ATTITUDE HIGH, And Your $ales UP!"
Each quote also has a corresponding color  poster that people print and post on their walls.
To download it, simply go to
The catch? There is none. Free is good sometimes.  (Read the book, "Free: The Future of a Radical Price,"  by Chris Anderson.) I do ask that if you like it, you pass the link around to others. Not the ebook, the link, OK?

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