Here’s Exactly How to Create Your Compelling Value Proposition

Unique Value Proposition

Probably the single most important factor that determines your success or failure on your calls is your Possible Value Proposition.

Some call it simply your “value prop,” others your “elevator pitch.”

Developing this is critical, because you plug it into your voice mails, emails, your answers to screener questions, and of course in your interest-creating opening.

When it is tailored, customized and on-target, prospects lean in, raise an eyebrow, get curious, and want to hear more.

They call you back, they reply to emails, and on the phone they say, “Ok, tell me more.”

When you don’t have a good one–most salespeople don’t– you get ignored, brushed off, screened out, and even hung up on.

I add the word “possible” because… well…let me actually tell you, and walk you through the creation of your own great PVP.

Today I’m giving you one entire actual audio module from from the Smart Calling Prospecting training course.

Listen to the Possible Value Proposition Training Module Here

It’s where I walk you through the process for creating YOUR PVP, “Possible Value Proposition.”

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