How to Find Public Records Online

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I’m no longer amazed at how much information is available on people and companies. Forget about keeping most of your details confidential, people can find out a lot, IF they know where to look.

This week, web search expert, Sam Richter shares how to find public information that is readily available. You might find some very valuable resources to help with your sales intelligence.

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How to Find Public Records Online

By Sam Richter

Most people are shocked to learn how much information is available via public records. From federal, state, county, and local sources, you can find information on companies and people that you can use to develop sales lead lists, for research prior to meetings, and for use in proposals and negotiations.

Unfortunately there is no public records meta-search that is free and complete, meaning that you need to search for public records by the specific government entity and geography.

Fortunately Black Book Online has a well-organized public records directory. The site features links to just about every available public records search resource.

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When you first access the site, you will be tempted to type a name into the main search form. Don’t, because it won’t work. What the main search engine does is let you know the website where a particular public record might be located. So, for example, you can enter ‘driving records Ohio’ (do not use Boolean) into the search form and the results list will include third-party websites where you can access your information.

You’ll notice on the results page that each result contains a brief site description. It will also indicate whether the information is free or if you’ll have to pay for access.

As a directory engine, Black Book Online features lists of links to its extensive resource database. You can choose by category or by state. You can also build your own custom search by clicking on the “Custom Search” link in the category section.

Black Book Online makes it easy to find a website where a public record might be located. However, once you access the site, finding the information you want might be more challenging. For example, if you want court records in Minnesota, you can use

Black Book Online to easily find the various Minnesota court websites. However, navigating each site can be difficult as they are all different in the way they provide access to information.

Before diving into Black Book Online, make sure you have some time. The site can be addicting, and scary, when you realize what is publicly available on you and others. Public records are now a click away, now that you Know More!

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And, continue having your best week ever!

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