How to Get New Business in Challenging Times


Whoa, wait, don’t jump. Come in off that ledge. Sure, things may not be the rosiest on Wall Street and with some financial companies, but guess what? Business is still moving forward.

If you listen to the typical purveyors of negative thoughts, one might think everyone should just throw their hands up in the air, close up shop, and collectively have a pity party.

However, look around at the people who are thriving, and you’ll find hard work, focus, and a positive attitude producing results. If you are not now that person, you can be.  Your choice.

As always, especially in today’s climate, ongoing success relies on new business. I recorded a seven-minute podcast for members of my Telesales Success Inner Circle members titled “How to Get New Business in Challenging Times.” Since I’ve been hearing so much negativity the past few days, I wanted to share it with you hopefully provide a dose of positivism.

Listen to it here:


By the way, I record a new podcast like this for my members every other week, and there are 40 of them waiting for you in the archives right now. This is just ONE part of what members receive. If you are serious about reaching the top levels in your sales career, I urge you to take a test drive of the Inner Circle, and experience most of my best audio, video, and printed resources. Go to

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