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“Seven LinkedIn Mistakes that Kill Sales, and What to Do Instead, 
AND, What to SAY to Get Through, Get In, and SELL!”

Most people with LinkedIn accounts don’t come close to realizing the sales potential at their fingertips. Further, they make mistakes with their account, and on the phone that COST them opportunities.

In this free webinar you’ll see the mistakes to avoid, and what to do immediately to find and be found by buyers, and actual examples of what to say in InMails, emails,on voice mails, and live with prospects to engage buyers, instead of being ignored or screened out.

Join Crystal Thies, The LikedIn Ninja, and me on this free training workshop. You’ll make immediate, positive changes to your LinkedIn profile, and the way you find prospects. And I’ll give examples of exactly what to SAY to get through, engage, and sell, AND a simple fill-in-the-blanks template you will use on voice mails and openings.
Here’s what a viewer wrote to me on LinkedI just yesterday:
“I am ten minutes into your webinar and have already learned more than I did in the half a dozen webinars I listened to before this. Your’re the man! No fluff all technique,”  Michael Caruso, Insperity

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