My Holiday Gift to You: An Entire Training Video

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As a holiday gift for you, I’m giving you access to an entire training video lesson. You have access to one of my 25-minute Telesales TV training videos.

That’s right, simply go to

In this training video, you will get,

The Big Lesson: "Send me something" is often an attempt to get sales reps off the phone. Here’s what you can do to determine if there really is potential. AND, I show what you can do to ensure that what you do send has impact.

Opening Statement Review: I take actual opening statements from sales reps in the field, review them, and show how they can be improved. You can use these ideas in your own openings.
Sales Mythbusters:
If you’ve ever been frustrated by someone who is not the ultimate decision maker, you might have been tempted to do what "Mythguy,"  a regular character in my videos, suggests. And that could be fatal. I show what to do in this common situation.

Why Your Voice Mails are Ignored, and What TO DO Instead: Face it, most voice emails are ignored. worse, the ENSURE the sales rep will never speak with the buyer. I go through the voice mail mistakes to avoid, and what to do to enhance your chances of speaking with your buyer.

Bonus: As I do in the first six videos in the series, I receive a call from Al Smolski, an inept sales rep, and turn it into a sales lesson.

And, I also have another bonus for you. Until Christmas Day, 12/25, I’m offering a tremendous incentive to get ALL 10 of my Telesales TV training videos. Check it out right now at

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