NOW Is the Best Time to Sell

Prospecting, Self Motivation

Are you making calls the next couple of weeks?

Particularly the time between Christmas and New Years?
Traditionally, lots of people write off this  time, either officially taking days off, or taking the days off unofficially, while still
showing up at the office and screwing off.
However, business is still taking place.
Granted, some people may not be in. But how is that any different than calling when they ARE in and getting voice mail?
But, other buyers are working.
And maybe their gatekeepers are out.
Perhaps it’s more relaxed in their office and they are more apt to pick up the phone…in a better mood, since everyone isn’t banging their  door down, wanting something.
Another reason to call: there are buyers with money to spend before the end of the year. Maybe it’s money left in the budget. Perhaps they need to spend for tax purposes. If presented an intriguing offer during this time they just
might be more apt to making a buying decision.
I personally buy more for business in late December than during any other month because I need to reduce my tax burden. So I load up on things I’ll need the next year
You might not be hitting it hard this week because maybe, just perhaps, you won’t reach people.
But here’s all that you know for sure during this time:  If you’re NOT placing calls, you have NO chance of reaching these people and selling to them.
I’ve never really understood not calling during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. What do these people think? That when they get back to the office on January 2nd or 5th and start hitting the phones that they’ll be the only ones with that idea?
No! EVERYONE starts calling the first day back in the office. And that’s the day the decision makers are swamped with their own work!
Over the years I have heard many cases of reps catching up with that otherwise-hard-to-reach decision maker and starting a business relationship during this so called "dead week."
It’s not too late. Hit the phones hard the next couple of weeks. And, send me your success stories. I’d love to hear them and share them next year.

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