Our Biggest Promotion of the Year Now Running!

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Our every-so-often, Scratch, Dent, and, this year, Sales-Stimulus promotion is now on, ready for you to take advantage and grab some great sales and income-producing resources at a dramatic savings.

Very simply, we have some items that are slightly blemished that we have collected from our last sale of this type, and now we’re letting them go at a dramatic savings off the regular rate.

And, the secret that people who have been involved with us for a few years know, is that we get many more orders than we have blemished merchandise, so most of what leaves here is actually NEW anyway!

Plus,  this year, to do my part and get people selling some incredible packages of material at bailout prices
that would make Wall Street executives proud.

Check out my video message to you, and all of the great resources at http://www.businessbyphone.com/scratch09.htm

And finally, I also have a huge bonus available: You can get all 12 issues of the Telephone Prospecting and Selling Report from 2008, a $179, for ordering from this sale. Again, check it out at


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