Selling at Full Price When there is Resistance

Objections, Sales Recommendations (presentations)

I was looking at a couple of pieces of office furniture from different dealers. One was more expensive than the other, but I liked it more, and the sales rep knew that.

After I hemmed and hawed awhile about hesitating because of the price, he said,

"Two years from now, after you have been enjoying this for awhile, and have forgotten what you paid for it, do you think you will have made the right choice?"

Wow, what a great question! Of course I bought it.

In one of my first corporate-life sales positions, a wise trainer said to me,
"There are no price objections, only value questions."

So true.

Here are a couple of ideas to use when faced with someone hedging on paying your higher price. Naturally you can adapt the one the guy used with me.

"Something I suggest people in your situation do is to project out a year or two, and then think about how they would answer the question, ‘Which choice will I be happier with, and will have profited from?’

Another variation:

"If you were able to travel out to about two years into the future, and look at the decision you’re about to make, what do you think it would be?"

I heard a sales rep use this next line, and although you’d really need to be careful with who you used it with, it does present its point nicely:

Prospect: "Your product costs more than the others out there."

Sales Rep: "So does a Jaguar. It really gets down to what you really want."


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