Shocking Secrets the Sales Superstars Don’t Want You to Know

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This post could be the most amazing one I’ve ever put out.

I had the unique opportunity to interview the best of the best in sales to find out what they do that makes them rich.

I searched out and found the top ten sales reps from a variety of companies nationwide. Not just high performers, but the “superstars” whose numbers double and triple their closest peers. These are the pros that others will secretly eavesdrop on from around the corner, hoping to pick up a technique or two that they can steal and use.

These superstars say and do things that are different from the norm. That’s why they get extraordinary results.

I promised them all I would not use their names, companies, or industries, since they did not want their competitors, or even their peers getting wind of this priceless information.

Most of these superstars do and think alike. Some of this stuff is so lethal it should require a permit.

I should have rightfully put it into an ebook or video and charge for it. But I won’t. I’m going to share it with you right now.

Shocking Secret Techniques of Sales Superstars

1. Think “I want a sale any way I can get it” Before Your Call.
When preparing for the call, IF, you decide to do any preparation (surprisingly, superstars don’t do much, they just wing it), think, “How can I move more product or sell more services today?” Psyche yourself into a ME frame of mind. Do whatever it takes to get the product out the door. Remember, prospects have something you want: their money. Your job is to get it…whatever it takes.

2. Steamroll the Screener.
These gate wenches are there for a purpose: to get rid of you. That makes them the enemy. Superstar sales reps know how to intimidate the screener. Rejectionists will try to pry information out of you so they can disqualify you. Take the offensive instead. Respond with, “Oh, excuse me, but do YOU make the buying decisions there?” Of course you can always say it is a personal call. And always be sure to answer their question with a demand of your own. For example, “Yes, my name is Joe Seller, thank you. Now please tell him I am on hold.” Do not waste your time talking to these people.

3. Get Your Voice Mails Returned By Being Mysterious.
Most sales reps whine about not getting their calls returned. No wonder””they all sound alike, talking about “what they can do t save money, blah, blah, blah.” The sales superstars know that you need to stand apart, living on the edge. Here is the  top trick on voice mail: “Pat, it’s Joe Seller. I’ll give my number twice: 800-555-3434, that’s 800-555-3434. I have the most incredible

4. Open Calls By Talking About What YOU Do.
Begin with something like, “I’m Joe Seller with ABC Corp. We are the largest and most respected manufacturer in the business, and I want to tell you what we do.” If you waste time with some drivel about “benefits,” that just cuts down on the number of calls you can make. And superstars know it is just a numbers game. Get to the point, lay it out there.

5. If You are An Outside Sales Rep, Go For the Appointment Right Away.
Hey, the superstar sales reps on the outside know that the phone only is for getting the appointment. So ask for it right away in the opening. “Joe Seller with ABC Corp here. Hey, I’m going to be in your area next week and would like to stop by and show you what we do. Would 2 or 4 on Thursday be better?”

6. Start Your Pitch Right Away.
As soon as you can, hit them with as many benefits as you can spew. Keep pitching until they interrupt you. Then jump in again. You are likely to hit on a few they have interest in. Sales superstars know that the wimpy, touch-feely “consultative” sales reps will ask lots of questions here. Baloney. Prospects are not buying when they are
answering questions. How could you possibly control the conversation when they are talking?

7. Have Your Objection Rebuttals Ready.
Here’s where the real sales superstars shine. They know how to cut the prospects off at the knees when they hear objections. Superstars have their slick answers ready to roll. The superstars know that “buyers are liars,” so rebut their stupid “Oh your price is too high” crap with your reasons why it is worth it. The same goes for every other excuse these liars have for not buying from you. Don’t be like the pukes who try to reason with prospects and question them, “looking for the
reason behind the objection.” Phooey. They will string you along all day. Get their money.

8. Close Three Times On Every Call.
Sales superstars are students of the old-school sales trainers and books. They memorize closing stories and techniques. Anything that starts out with something like, “You know Mr. Prospect, this reminds me of what my now-deceased
grandfather from Poland told me about not taking advantage of great opportunities when they are staring you right in the face…” is especially good. Also, memorize anything you can that puts them on the spot. Be sure to “Always be closing.”
“Close early and often.” Wear them down. You won’t get the sale until you hear “no” three times anyway.

9. Look at the Calendar. Oh, it’s April 1st.

Gotcha. At which numbered point did you say to yourself, “Art has gone looney!”? The earlier the better. If you really want to be a sales superstar, do the opposite of EVERYTHING I wrote. Those of you that have been with me for a while realized that very early.

Would you like my actual, real, proven, sales process that addresses all of these areas and what to do? I’ll send it to you free, in my book, “How to Place the Successful Sales and Prospecting Call.” It is an actual turn-the-pages book that will arrive to your door. Free, just help with the nominal shipping. (US addresses only-International option available.) Get it at

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