What to Do When the Deal Seems Too Good to Be True

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As sales pros and business owners, we often get inquiries that seem too good to be true. People are hot to get your info and price quote right now. Unless they are handled correctly, the old adage usually comes true. Here’s exactly how to handle these situations, and turn more in sales.

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Duane October 5, 2017 at 3:26 pm

Yes…the RABID phone buyer of my tradesmen’s services is usually a BS artist……
I wouldn’t even THINK on going on one of these estimates unless the DECI$ION MAKER is on the phone asking questions in advance of the appointment….
BEWARE OF STATEMENTS such as….”Could you come take a look at it?”…
You have to NAIL THEM DOWN TO COMMITMENTS when you’ve already emailed them info like photos and prices…
This can only be learned and realized after being burned hundreds of times by assholes who sometimes won’t even show up for the appointment…..If you’re a commissioned salesperson the bullsh!t artist/asshole (secretary, sales manager or owner) who answers the phone and books appointments for you won’t EVER care how much of your time (money) is wasted…sometimes driving hours for nothing…That’s how you find out the trash sales manager/owner that told you those leads are “triple filtered” are lying garbage….
Mine are homeowners and renters….Everyone else who calls is usually blown off with a 15 second phone quote to feel them out……


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