Want to Change Your Sales and Prospecting Results? Just Move


I just returned from something I do several times per year: attending a training conference. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on these events over the years, in addition to the training, books, audios and videos that I also invest in regularly.

This one was put on by one of the online marketing and automation software apps that I use, Clickfunnels (which is awesome).  Two of the days were on marketing strategy and using the software, and yesterday was totally on personal development.

I haven’t distilled my many pages of notes yet with all of the golden nuggets… A couple that really stuck out were presentations from a 12-, and 15-year-old that actually made me embarrassed by my own work ethic.

For now, I’ll give you one simple, but extremely necessary and effective technique.

For the closing afternoon Tony Robbins did a four-hour session. It seemed like 30 minutes, if that. And there were no breaks.

I saw Tony back in the early 90’s. He was great then, and even better now.

I typically don’t get caught up in the touch-feely, massage each other, meditation, jump up and down activities that some workshop presenters use as gimmicks when they don’t have enough content to capture an audience.

Well, yesterday, I was jumping up and down, screaming, meditating… even hugging the guy next to me. And I enjoyed it.

Tony’s material, message, and delivery is transforming. If you have a chance to see him, do it.

I’ll limit today’s message to this one simple point that he had us demonstrate to prove it to ourselves yesterday:

Motion creates emotion.

It’s almost impossible to perform at a high level when you are in a state of low energy and depleted emotions.

However, you can change that almost instantly by changing your physiology.

Just moving.

Here’s a brief video where he touches on this, using LeBron James as an example, and how to operate with absolute certainty.

What you can do right now: Before your calls, and regularly during the day, move around. Walk quickly. Do a couple of jumping jacks. Pretend like you are a boxer getting ready to get into the ring. Stand and gesture during your calls.

Tony quotes a number of scientific studies proving how this affects us in a number of ways.

It works.

Ensure that your messaging is delivered in the most optimal way.

Just move.

Play this video to get you in the moving mood.

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