Welcome to Our New Place!

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Greetings! Welcome to the new digs.

Thanks to all of you who followed us for the past four years over at my Telesales Blog. As part of our ongoing redesign and rebranding, we’ve changed the name and look of the blog  as well as my main Business By Phone site.

But, the content won’t change. You’ll get the same how-to information, along with fun, and sometimes funny content. (I’m open to your suggestions as well.) Also, I’m making it a point to post more often. When we were in the redesign process the past few months I became a little lax in paying attention over here, and I apologize.

I encourage you to subscribe to the feed so you will be automatically notified of new content. Also, please do pass the word and link around to your friends and colleagues who would also benefit.

Finally, a special thanks to the individuals who helped get us to this point with the new sites:

Jennae Peterson with Hibiscus Creative, a fabulous designer.
Jonah Sullivan with CraniumStorm, a jack-of-all-trades tech and design guy who fixed some web stuff I shouldn’t have been messing with.
The tech support people at HostGator.com, who are extremely helpful, patient, and don’t treat callers like idiots (even if we think we are)

Again, welcome, and see you again soon!


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