50 Shades of Delay

in Objections

This is hotter than the original movie or the sequel.

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Greg Dean June 8, 2017 at 3:46 am

I have sold timeshare for several companies and in that role, we are selling a $30,000+ product in 90 minutes or less.

Your tips will help greatly. I will pass on your link.

“In what areas are you still not convinced”, such a great question before even dropping the money to them. Many sales people I have seen and even coached (Asked to by my managers), show the pricing without even understanding that the prospect is not even yet completely convinced. Generally it is a trust and emotional issue. The product is great. The resorts are beautiful. It is the stepping over line to be convinced they can use, or that it is not a scam, or that the sales person has integrity.

I also like your comment about asking for resistance. If they have zero objections, I have seen so many times they will not buy. They just want to get through the presentation. I actually think this is what people on the Internet do to each other; they see somebody acting very virtuous and they try to elicit their lack of integrity by pushing their buttons.

Sometimes I have seen it is good to push their buttons in a subtle way, such as when I have seen a wife not happy in the marriage because the husband has never organised a great holiday since the honeymoon.

Another point you made is the comparing apples with apples. I have seen prospects compare the entire cost of the timeshare with the cost of staying in trailer parks each year for the same amount of time. But this just takes a shift of perspective. Does the wife really want to stay in a caravan? Probably not.

Anyway, it is hard to find good sales training like this video.



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