It’s Masters week, the week that most of us golf geeks look forward to all year. What’s really cool about the TV telecast is the number of commercials are limited to just four minutes per hour, as opposed to the normal 12 or so for regular tournaments.

I find most TV commercials really stupid. I can’t believe that supposedly smart executives actually pay for some of the ridiculous TV ads. If I see the guy sitting at the kindergarten table asking little kids questions again might head might explode.

Maybe it’s just me, but I do enjoy golf-related commercials. I saw one for Ping, the golf club company. The theme of the commercial was how Ping built its fine reputation by always asking, “How?” [click to continue…]

How to Blow Away that Objection You Always Get

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While listening to a rep’s calls in preparation for a client training program I heard him say, “…and right now you might be thinking that since you are in a contract with a supplier that would hold you back. Here’s how others have handled that…” And then he proceeded to masterfully remove that possible, yet [...]

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How to Add Value and Not Just Check In or Introduce Yourself


In my previous post I discussed calls that don’t add value, and even can be looked at as nuisance or time-wasting calls. The ones that start out with, “Just wanted to introduce myself,” Just checking in,” “Just touching base,” and more. Today we’ll go through how to bring value to calls so that your listeners [...]

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Just Introducing Yourself is NOT Adding Value

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Have you ever attended a business networking mixer? You know, the happy hour events where people walk around introducing themselves, hoping to make contacts that will result in referrals or business. Oh I know they are useful for salespeople in certain types of businesses. And perhaps the couple of events that friends have dragged me [...]

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Just Place the Call!

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This really sums up what you need to do to be more effective in sales, negotiation, relationships… just about any human interaction for that matter. Just Place the Call! Too many people hide behind emails and texts instead of using what is still the most effective and meaningful form of communication: the human voice. Watch [...]

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More than 80 Top Business Experts Share Their Top Sales Secrets, Free

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The brightest minds in sales and marketing will share their secrets in a rapid-fire series of online presentations at the 2014 Sales Acceleration Summit. The first summit, held in June 2013, attracted more than 16,000 sales leaders from all over the world. The upcoming event promises to be bigger, better and faster.  In all, more [...]

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Who Should You Invite to Connect on LinkedIn?


Guest Post By Crystal Thies, The LinkedIn Ninja After you’ve finished building out your LinkedIn profile, then next step is to grow your 1st degree Connections. Ideally, you do not want to build your network until you’ve fully built out your profile. Inviting someone to connect is the one time that you can almost guarantee [...]

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A Bad Time to Place a Sales Call

Upselling and Cross Selling

If you want some interesting info about the best times to call someone, here’s some great research. However, today, I’ll share a brief suggestion about when NOT to call. I was in dire need of a power supply for my laptop. Mine died suddenly, and I was leaving in two days for a client training seminar [...]

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