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Fake News? Be More Fearful of Fake Sales Training

Humor and Silly Stuff

Fake news is a hot topic today. What is more troubling, and harmful to your career and income is fake sales training. See an example of this from FSTN, the Fake Sales Training Network, and then I’ll set the record straight.

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I Annoyed This Phone Scammer (Warning on the language)

Phone Scammers

This is hilarious, but maddening at the same time. Listen to this brief call with a guy trying to pull a computer scam on me. I love getting these calls since I get great joy out of screwing with them. This guy obviously is not cut out for this type of work as you’ll see. […]

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Quit Talking About Your Thing

Unique Value Proposition

Talking about your thing usually gets you in trouble. In sales, I mean. One of the biggest problems unsuccessful salespeople have is that they talk about their things right away, and it causes resistance. In emails, InMails, voice mails, and IF they ever by chance get to actually talk to a buyer, they throw up […]

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A Super-Simple Way to Respond to Resistance

Resistance and Rejection

The simplest techniques can be so effective.  I heard a call where a prospect voiced an objection, but seemed a bit shaky in his conviction regarding what he said. The sales rep responded,       “What was that again?”  The prospect then hemmed and hawwed a bit, continued talking, and actually admitted that he probably could […]

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How to Get More Done, In Less Time, So You Can Sell More

Time Management

You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. It’s our most valuable asset as sales pros. Yet, everyone seems crazy busy, and my feeling is that we actually get less done than we used to. Today I have a brief video with tips for you on how you can get more done, […]

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Follow-Up to My “Pissed” Post: Here’s What I’m Doing. Join Me

Self Motivation

As the follow-up to my post about being pissed, and the next step in my quest to get healthier, and ALSO to provide additional value for sales pros, I’m taking a few steps. The first, to coincide with the beginning of the new year, is committing to be all-in, and do what it takes to get […]

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I’m Pissed. Care to Join Me?

Self Motivation

I have something very personal for you today. Typically I don’t get too deep into my personal life, but I’m changing that today. And it’s something that can impact your life for the next year, and forever if you want it to. Many people look at the first of the year as time to start […]

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Making Sales ASSumptions Can Cost You

Sales Tips

If you make assumptions about a prospect before you speak with them–unless they are positive–it can cost you big time. Likewise, if you assume you know what someone is thinking, without finding out for sure, that can cause you to fail. In this brief video tip I share some thoughts and suggestions on sales assumptions, […]

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