Did you catch much of the Winter Olympics?

I especially loved the stories surrounding the US Men’s Curling and Women’s Hockey gold medal runs.

Although there always are lots of great stories about the athletes, one that really caught my attention was one about a former Olympic gold medal athlete.

And now a demoted broadcaster. [click to continue…]

Don’t Tell Them You Will Make or Save them Money. WHAT?

Opening Statements

That’s right. Just don’t. Hear what I’m talking about in this brief audio tip from my massive Smart Calling Online library of audio, video, and text training. (We’re going to open up the Smart Calling Online vault to the public within the next two weeks. It’s the largest collection of inside sales and prospecting training […]

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Prospects not replying? How to follow-up better and move to close more quickly

Following Up

Do you really know where you stand with the prospects in your follow-up files right now? Come on, really now? I’m not trying to make you feel bad, but my experience is that many sales reps have no clue where they are in the sales process with a majority of the people they are following […]

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How to Bring Value Every Time On Your Calls

Cold Calling

Salespeople complain they can’t get through, no one returns calls or emails, they get screened out… all true–for the salespeople who don’t have anything compelling to say. People are still buying. If you want to get more people interested, YOU need to be more interesting. That means bringing the value. Every time. Here’s an example […]

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My Rant on Sales and Prospecting “Averages”

Random Rants

What do you think? Please leave your comment below.

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The Clueless Cold Caller Phones Art

Humor and Silly Stuff

I’m reaching back into the archives today for you. About nine years ago or so, I produced a bi-monthly DVD with several training segments for members of my Platinum membership group. One of those segments featured someone who became a very popular character, Al Smolski. Al would call as I was wrapping up the episode, […]

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What to Do When the Deal Seems Too Good to Be True


As sales pros and business owners, we often get inquiries that seem too good to be true. People are hot to get your info and price quote right now. Unless they are handled correctly, the old adage usually comes true. Here’s exactly how to handle these situations, and turn more in sales. This was just […]

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11 Quick Prospecting Tips for Greater Results


At a national sales meeting I did on Smart Calling prospecting for outside sales reps, Gary Farnam gave me a list of his takeaways from the session, along with some of the things he always does on his calls. Good stuff

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