The now infamous Comcast cancellation call has gone mega-viral. People are outraged. Comcast has apologized. I’ve received many messages about my take on it, and requests to post it for comments.

Given that I often share recordings of phone calls, it’s my obligation to post what is perhaps the most listened to sales/service call recording ever. [click to continue…]

Haters of Soccer, and Sales

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A bigger sport in the US than soccer is listening to the debate between soccer fans and non-soccer fans. It can get quite heated. Like political conversations. I admit, I fall into the non-soccer fan category, but I’m trying to leave. I am one of the bigger sports geeks you’ll ever meet.

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How to Sell to LeBron James

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A huge sales process will be taking place soon. Several organizations will be going after the same target. The one who gets the sale will actually end up PAYING over $22 million dollars to the buyer. The buyer is LeBron James, and the seller is the team that sells him on choosing them.If you’re not an NBA [...]

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How to “Connect Instantly and Transform it Into Sales”

Opening Statements

Here’s an email I received a couple of weeks ago. No kidding. (I’m withholding the name to save embarrassment.) Hi Art, How do I reach out to CEO’s, CFO’s, VP’s who are very busy. How do I connect with them instantly and transform the call into leads or sales? Please let me know. (name) Where [...]

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Little Things Mean a Lot

Customer Service

In our busier-than-ever lives, where actual human connection is becoming rarer, crowded out by digital communication, the little things have even more impact. In sales, and our lives in general. For the positive, and negative. At my local bank branch, the associates greet me by name as soon as I walk in the door. My [...]

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Reply to Resistance Like They Do In Cabo


I was recently at a business meeting in Cabo San Lucas with my mastermind group. (Yes, we actually did have a meeting…ok, a short one.) It’s one of my favorite places… aside from the fun, I love how almost everyone is a salesperson. I’ve written several times about the salesmanship that goes on everywhere there, [...]

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74 How Questions You Can Use

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It’s Masters week, the week that most of us golf geeks look forward to all year. What’s really cool about the TV telecast is the number of commercials are limited to just four minutes per hour, as opposed to the normal 12 or so for regular tournaments. I find most TV commercials really stupid. I [...]

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How to Blow Away that Objection You Always Get

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While listening to a rep’s calls in preparation for a client training program I heard him say, “…and right now you might be thinking that since you are in a contract with a supplier that would hold you back. Here’s how others have handled that…” And then he proceeded to masterfully remove that possible, yet [...]

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How to Add Value and Not Just Check In or Introduce Yourself


In my previous post I discussed calls that don’t add value, and even can be looked at as nuisance or time-wasting calls. The ones that start out with, “Just wanted to introduce myself,” Just checking in,” “Just touching base,” and more. Today we’ll go through how to bring value to calls so that your listeners [...]

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