Our new Smart Calling Community has been active here on Facebook for about a month as a closed, private group. I know that we likely missed people when the initial wave of invites went out.

So, if you follow my material, or if you are just finding us and feel you would get and add value by being in the group, AND are serious about improving your sales skills, results, and income, AND would be an active participant, we’d like you to join us.

I visit and interact every day, and regularly add training tips, audios, and videos.

I pose questions on sales situations, inviting members to share their best practices and successes.

Members ask questions that I, and other members weigh in on.

We post call recordings.

We also have some fun, and I share personal things that I don’t post elsewhere.

If you’re interested in joining us (there’s no charge–I only ask that you would participate and not just have us on your Groups list) we have changed the process for joining. Instead of leaving comments below, here’s what to do…

1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/SmartCalling/and click on the Join Group button.

2. Answer the brief questions there. (NOTE: If all three questions are not answered, my staff deletes the request and I will not see it.)

To whet your appetite and give you a feel for the value you will get inside, just look at what has been covered in the past week alone! (Once you’re in, the links will take you to the posts [click to continue…]

Dumb Questions Get Similar Answers

Humor and Silly Stuff

There ARE such things as dumb questions in sales. See what to avoid, and what to say in this brief video. And you’ll see and hear Alexa, Siri, and Google answering questions about beer.

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When to Assume the Sale, and Not Look Like an A–


A reader emailed me with a question, looking for information on “assuming the sale.” I’ll share the answer with you as well. You need to be careful here. The old school, tactical methods of selling say that you should “assume the sale as soon as the prospect shows some interest.” I disagree. That’s annoying, salesy, […]

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The Greatest Winter Olympics Inspirational Story (in my opinion)

Self Motivation

Did you catch much of the Winter Olympics? I especially loved the stories surrounding the US Men’s Curling and Women’s Hockey gold medal runs. Although there always are lots of great stories about the athletes, one that really caught my attention was one about a former Olympic gold medal athlete. And now a demoted broadcaster.

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Don’t Tell Them You Will Make or Save them Money. WHAT?

Opening Statements

That’s right. Just don’t. Hear what I’m talking about in this brief audio tip from my massive Smart Calling Online library of audio, video, and text training. (We’re going to open up the Smart Calling Online vault to the public within the next two weeks. It’s the largest collection of inside sales and prospecting training […]

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Prospects not replying? How to follow-up better and move to close more quickly

Following Up

Do you really know where you stand with the prospects in your follow-up files right now? Come on, really now? I’m not trying to make you feel bad, but my experience is that many sales reps have no clue where they are in the sales process with a majority of the people they are following […]

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How to Bring Value Every Time On Your Calls

Cold Calling

Salespeople complain they can’t get through, no one returns calls or emails, they get screened out… all true–for the salespeople who don’t have anything compelling to say. People are still buying. If you want to get more people interested, YOU need to be more interesting. That means bringing the value. Every time. Here’s an example […]

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My Rant on Sales and Prospecting “Averages”

Random Rants

What do you think? Please leave your comment below.

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