The words “close,” “closer,” and “closing” are synonymous with sales.

However, many people have it all wrong when it comes to closing, and that results in NOT getting the sales.  Often the focus is on closing “techniques” which is NOT the key to actually closing more sales.

In this episode of The Art of Sales show, you’ll hear what you should do, and how, to actually close more, without using goofy closing techniques.

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How to Handle the Quick Brush Off


At a prospecting training seminar for a client I was asked what to do with a prospect who blows you off the phone even before you can get your opening statement out of your mouth. Do you just call back right away and act like you were disconnected, the participant asked. (He had heard that […]

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How to Get Past Gatekeepers and Screeners: Don’t


Lots of conventional sales material says to “get past” the gatekeeper, or is about “going through” the screener. And that is bad information, which actually salespeople to get shut down and turned away. In this episode of “The Art of Sales Show,” you’ll hear the professional, authentic way to deal with assistants, and how to […]

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How to Never Be Rejected Again on a Sales Call

Resistance and Rejection

The fear of rejection is what stops many salespeople from being successful, and has prevented many others from even getting into sales. It should not, and does not need to be that way. Art discusses what rejection really is, how you can avoid it, never feel rejected again in sales, and even accomplish things when […]

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The Cold is Dead, But Not the Calling; How to Prospect the Smart Way

Cold Calling

“Cold” calling is indeed dead, and should never be done. There’s no reason to, other than laziness. However, the calling for new business IS very much alive, and being done in the Smart way by salespeople to generate massive amounts of new business. Hear what should be avoided, and what to do so you can […]

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Stop Talking About Your Thing

Sales Recommendations (presentations)

Many sales reps create objections by talking about their “thing.” People don’t buy things, they buy results. Here I detail how to define your results, why and when your buyers want them, and how to use them to get more people buying. Listen Now

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“The Art of Sales” Podcast is On the Air!

"The Art of Sales" Podcast

It’s Premier Day for “The Art of Sales Podcast” and I invite you to join me! The first  episodes are up, and I plan to cover all things prospecting and sales from the how-to, what-to-say, sales pro level. Take a listen, and if you like what you hear, please subscribe, share, and join me twice […]

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Focus on THIS at the Beginning of Calls to Get Them Interested

Opening Statements

Focus on this at the beginning of your calls, voice mails, and emails, and you’ll get more people responding, and engaging.

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Four Ways To Make Your Voice Mail Message Stand Out From the Clutter

Voice Mail

Want to enhance your chances of a voice mail message being remembered, maybe even evoking a return call? 1. Back it up with a written message by an assistant. Ask the screener, assistant, or anyone in the area to scratch out a brief note for the prospect. For example, “Pat Walters left a voice mail […]

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