How to close more sales is the goal for most salespeople. However, they often focus on closing “techniques” which is NOT the key to actually closing more sales. In this video Art Sobczak shows what you should do to actually close more sales. Also, in his free ebook of 501 sales tips he has a entire section on closing. http://businessbyphone.com/501-tips-ebook

Trump: “Make Sales Great Again”

Humor and Silly Stuff
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Voice Mail and Opening Statement Interest-Creating Template – FREE

Resources I Recommend

You can get my plug and play, paint-by-numbers, fill-in-the-blanks voice mail/opening statement template that creates interest, gets calls returned, and gets you in to SELL! And it’s free! I presented it during my brief session at the Sales Acceleration Summit. I’ve never done this presentation before, and when I do again we’ll charge for it. […]

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How to Overcome Objections (without sounding like a jerk)

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How to overcome and answer objections is a constant quest for salespeople. The problem is that most sales training and cold calling training gives objections rebuttals. These are ridiculous since they tell the prospect they are wrong, which is NOT the way to win someone over. Here is a conversational, non-adversarial way for you to […]

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Script It, But Not Like Marco Rubio


I enjoy election season. Both for the entertainment value, and the sales lessons. An interesting topic has bubbled to the top of media coverage over the past few days before the New Hampshire primaries. In last Saturday’ s Republican debate, Marco Rubio, normally known for his eloquent way with words, repeated the same message FIVE […]

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Create Interest With “Cheap Crap They Don’t Need”

Opening Statements

I’ve often written about observing and learning from the beach vendors in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. While there a couple of months ago I saw a novel approach that we can learn from and emulate—in a sense. One of the 50 or so guys carrying an open case full of jewelry walked by. He was […]

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The ONE Thing You Must Do for Sales Success


There is a lot that goes into being a successful sales person, but this ONE thing is absolutely required.

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Still Trying to Get Past Screeners and Gatekeepers? DON’T

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Many salespeople, those cold calling, and sales trainers have it all wrong about getting past gatekeepers and screeners. We shouldn’t try to get past them. In the very first installment of my The Art of Sales training videos, you’ll see what to avoid and do to get through to more buyers. Oh, do be sure […]

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Use Seinfeld Techniques to Sell More

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“Hello Newman.” “No soup for you!” Double dipping. “There was shrinkage!” Man hands.

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