Many sales pros took advantage of the free LinkedIn training videos we provided a couple of months ago and benefited greatly.

Others told us they wanted and needed to get better at LinkedIn, but didn’t have the time to go through all of the videos.

We listened, and have put the material into a free one-hour live webinar:

“Seven LinkedIn Mistakes that Kill Sales, and What to Do Instead,
AND, What to SAY to Get Through, Get In, and SELL!”
Tuesday, Sept. 30th, 2:30pm Eastern (1:30 Central, 11:30 Mountain)

Most people with LinkedIn accounts don’t come close to realizing the sales potential at their fingertips. Further, they make mistakes with their account, and on the phone that COST them opportunities.

In this free webinar you’ll see the mistakes to avoid, and what to do immediately to find and be found by buyers, and actual examples of what to say in InMails, emails,on voice mails, and live with prospects to engage buyers, instead of being ignored or screened out.

Space is limited by GoToWebinar to the first 999 attendees. See more info and  REGISTER NOW

How to Get Your Competitors to Say You Are the Better Choice


In a previous post  I discussed what to avoid when talking about the competition. In this one I cover how to get your competition to admit YOU are the better choice. Let me explain… I’ve spent a lot of time on airplanes over the past 31 years doing training for clients. Still do. As a [...]

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What to Avoid When Talking About the Competition, and What TO Do

Sales Recommendations (presentations)

A couple of TV networks wouldn’t air a new Bud Light commercial because it allegedly dis-paraged Miller Lite. This came after the same networks rejected a Miller Lite commercial that apparently maligned Bud Light. Maybe I’m jaded because my adult beverage of choice happens to be Bud Light (my craft beer snob/aficionado friends make fun of me for that) [...]

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Here’s the Best Time To Prepare for Your Follow-Up Call

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I recently did a training workshop for the sales pros at Ivy Garth Seeds. They sell flower and vegetable seeds to nurseries,  greenhouses, and other commercial growers. They actually DO something that I have suggested for a long, long time that not many others practice: doing their pre-call planning for the next call to a [...]

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What You Can Model From the Comcast Cancel Call

Customer Service

Last week I posted the now mega-viral Comcast cancellation call and asked for your thoughts. Thanks to those who replied. There were many excellent, well-thought-out comments and suggestions. My take:First, I agree that the rep went way over the edge.Regardless of the possible reasons—which I’ll address in a minute—just like you won’t get every sale you’re going after, [...]

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The Comcast Cancel Call: Your Thoughts?

Customer Service

The now infamous Comcast cancellation call has gone mega-viral. People are outraged. Comcast has apologized. I’ve received many messages about my take on it, and requests to post it for comments. Given that I often share recordings of phone calls, it’s my obligation to post what is perhaps the most listened to sales/service call recording [...]

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Haters of Soccer, and Sales

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A bigger sport in the US than soccer is listening to the debate between soccer fans and non-soccer fans. It can get quite heated. Like political conversations. I admit, I fall into the non-soccer fan category, but I’m trying to leave. I am one of the bigger sports geeks you’ll ever meet.

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How to Sell to LeBron James

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A huge sales process will be taking place soon. Several organizations will be going after the same target. The one who gets the sale will actually end up PAYING over $22 million dollars to the buyer. The buyer is LeBron James, and the seller is the team that sells him on choosing them.If you’re not an NBA [...]

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How to “Connect Instantly and Transform it Into Sales”

Opening Statements

Here’s an email I received a couple of weeks ago. No kidding. (I’m withholding the name to save embarrassment.) Hi Art, How do I reach out to CEO’s, CFO’s, VP’s who are very busy. How do I connect with them instantly and transform the call into leads or sales? Please let me know. (name) Where [...]

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