Thanks to everyone who commented on the voice mail recording from last week. As expected, you, my astute audience of sales pros had no problem picking out the flaws that doom such messages to rapid voice mail deletion.

I replied to the comments there at the blog (you can still go there, listen, and leave your comments) and I was all prepared to share the approach that caller, or any caller should take for voice mail (it’s not new… I’ve shared it before) and then… Rose Molz, President of EZ Office Products, who had submitted the message last week that she had received… sent me a another one!

Her subject line to me was, “In Fairness To The Worst VM Ever – Here’s One That Might Get A Call Back.”  I listened to it, and before I give my comments, I’d like to open it up to you all for your analysis and suggestion. [click to continue…]

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A COLD Call Voice Mail; Your Thoughts?

Call Recordings

Some people think I make up the horrible call recordings I share with you. Nope. In fact, as you read this, thousands–if not hundreds of thousands of calls are being placed, and messages are being left that have zero, zilch, nada chance of success. Just ask anyone at your company, or any business owner or […]

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Answering “I’m happy with who I’m buying from”


Every prospector hears “I’m happy with my supplier,” or “We’re all set.” There’s a right way, and a wrong way to handle that, IF you want any chance of getting them talking.

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How Sales Reps (Mis)Handled My Inquiry


Add this one to the “I Just Have to Shake My Head in Amazement” sales file, under the “Following Up On Leads” category. Bear with me as a rant a bit about an experience this past month. There are plenty of sales lessons here. I was looking for some space to rent for a video […]

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Where Should We Send Your FREE Sales Book?

Resources I Recommend

I’m doing a marketing test and there’s a free book in it for you. I just revised and printed my “How to Place the Successful Sales and Prospecting Call” book. We’re testing giving away the first 1000 copies we printed, and just asking for $7.95 to cover the shipping, handling, and packaging. We’ve sold over […]

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Sales and Prospecting is NOT a Numbers Game

Cold Calling

Interesting how the more things change, the more they stay the same. With all the technology we have today to make our calls smarter, focused, relevant, and valuable to prospects, there still is emphasis in many corners on quantity. The “numbers game” mentality. That is damaging, and ineffective at several levels. I explain why, and […]

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What Do You Think About This Prospecting Call I Received?

Call Recordings

I’ve posted lots of actual call examples over the years, and those of you who have been in my live training have experienced many others as well. They always are instructive, and quite often entertaining. As I say, you just can’t make up this stuff. Today’s example fits that description. Take a listen.

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The Real World Commencement Address Graduates Need to Hear, But Won’t

Random Rants

It’s that time of year when kids all over are graduating from college, and for most, entering the world of reality. Not like reality TV shows, but the real world of life. I haven’t been invited to be anyone’s commencement speaker, but over the past 33 years of being in business for myself I have […]

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How to Close More Sales (without using closing techniques)


How to close more sales is the goal for most salespeople. However, they often focus on closing “techniques” which is NOT the key to actually closing more sales. In this video Art Sobczak shows what you should do to actually close more sales. Also, in his free ebook of 501 sales tips he has a […]

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