Here’s a gift for you.

No one has been quoted more as it relates to sales than Zig Ziglar. He was one of my first mentors when I got into this business and I still use a lot of what I learned 35+ years ago.

I’d like you to have a free ebook of “Zig Ziglar’s LIttle PDF of Big Quotes.”

Just go to and follow the link below the video.

Oh, and DO watch the brief video.

It’s a brief, amazing story of Zig’s life, how he was left for dead at 9 days old, to selling pots and pans door to door, to selling over 30 MILLION books and impacting the lives of more the 250,000,000 people!

It gave me chills.

Great inspiration as you go into the weekend. Enjoy!

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How to Bring Value Every Time On Your Calls

Cold Calling

Salespeople complain they can’t get through, no one returns calls or emails, they get screened out… all true–for the salespeople who don’t have anything compelling to say. People are still buying. If you want to get more people interested, YOU need to be more interesting. That means bringing the value. Every time. Here’s an example […]

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My Rant on Sales and Prospecting “Averages”

Random Rants

What do you think? Please leave your comment below.

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The Clueless Cold Caller Phones Art

Humor and Silly Stuff

I’m reaching back into the archives today for you. About nine years ago or so, I produced a bi-monthly DVD with several training segments for members of my Platinum membership group. One of those segments featured someone who became a very popular character, Al Smolski. Al would call as I was wrapping up the episode, […]

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What to Do When the Deal Seems Too Good to Be True


As sales pros and business owners, we often get inquiries that seem too good to be true. People are hot to get your info and price quote right now. Unless they are handled correctly, the old adage usually comes true. Here’s exactly how to handle these situations, and turn more in sales. This was just […]

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11 Quick Prospecting Tips for Greater Results


At a national sales meeting I did on Smart Calling prospecting for outside sales reps, Gary Farnam gave me a list of his takeaways from the session, along with some of the things he always does on his calls. Good stuff

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Three Quick Tips for Effective Follow-Ups

Following Up

Calling to “Just follow up,” or “Just check in” is a waste of your time and theirs, and usually results in a stall. Here are three quick tips for making follow-ups effective.

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Free Cold Calling Cheat Sheet. Fill in the Blanks to Get New Business

Cold Calling

Of the many questions I get every week, a common theme with the majority is that people are looking for the “Easy Button.” “What do I say on voice mail?” “What’s a good opening?” “What’s a good email subject line?” Well, if it was just that easy… Of course there’s a lot that goes into […]

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Extreme Makeover – Phone Prospecting Edition

Opening Statements

In this video I take an opening statement submitted by a sales pro and does an extreme makeover, making it much more attractive in the process. You’ll be able to see mistakes to avoid in your own calls, and word-for-words ideas you can use as well. This is just a brief segment from the monthly […]

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