Art Sobczak and Business By Phone Inc. Can Help You Sell, Avoid Rejection, Prospect Painlessly, and Sell More By Phone

Since 1983, Art Sobczak and Business By Phone Inc. have helped hundreds of thousands of professionals say the right things by phone to get more of what they want.

Our reputation has been built on providing common-sense, non-salesy, non-gimmicky conversational methods, processes and word-for-word instruction on how to use the phone to get through, get in, persuade, and sell.

In 2012 Art received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals for his contribution to the profession. His latest book, “Smart Calling,” hit Number One in amazon.com’s Sales category its very first DAY, was named Top Sales Book of 2010, and will come out in a Revised Second Edition in early 2013.

Here are the ways we have helped, and continue to serve sales professionals.

Art Sobczak training

Live Training

Art Sobczak has delivered over 1500 in-person training programs, ranging from multiple day and long-term repeat engagements, to 30-minute keynote presentations. He customizes and delivers onsite programs for companies and associations, and delivers his two-day Telesales College public workshops around the US, as well as Smart Calling seminars. See Art in action and get more info here.

Webinar Training

Just as with his in-person training, Art customizes and delivers webinar training for organizations. Throughout the year he also holds public-registration webinar sessions on a variety of sales topics.

Telephone Prospecting and Selling Report

Monthly Training Newsletter

For over 28 years Art has published the monthly subscription  Telephone Prospecting and Selling Report Sales Tips Newsletter.  This eight-page training newsletter contains brief tips and more in-depth articles and lessons, as well as Art’s monthly rants and observations.  Countless sales pros who received their first early sales training as a result of this publication are now VP’s, Directors, and Presidents. The newsletter is now part of the Smart Calling Online program.

Books, Audios, Videos

Art Sobczak has created hundreds of training resources over the years… including five books, and many audio and video training programs, and ebooks and special reports. In addition, he has published a number of books on sales and management and motivation by other authors. You can see these resources in our online store.

Coaching for Individuals and Teams

As time permits, Art takes a very limited number of coaching clients, when the fit is just right. If you have the desire to go to the next level, AND are willing to put in the work, AND would like to be mentored by one of the most experienced professionals in inside sales, take the first step and see more information.

Weekly Free Email Tips

Since 1998 Art has been publishing one of the longest-running email sales tips newsletters, always full of usable, entertaining content, our policy is to provide value first, instead of bombarding list members with “BUY THIS” messages.

The Smart Calling Blog

The Telesales Blog, written by Art since 2008 is becoming the Smart Calling Blog in late 2012. More tips, techniques and other valuable info to help you get more business. And, occasionally Art throws in a rant, a call recording, a video, or something fun not even related to sales.

Smart Calling Online Training Archives

Our flagship service, this is simply the largest collection of how-to prospecting and inside sales training information available in one place. Members receive the monthly 8-page Telephone Prospecting and Selling Report newsletter, access to the past several years of back issues, archives of the past weekly sales tips, call recordings of what NOT to do, a members-only Discussion Community that Art participates in, 60 training videos, 12 hours of audio seminars, over 20 brief audio tips, over 600 articles in the Training Library, and personal access to and coaching by Art Sobczak. In addition there are webinars, and the Smart Calling Audio Training Course... 7 hours of audio, 20 modules, accompanying workbook.

Bottom line, if you do inside sales and/or prospecting using the phone, Art Sobczak and Business By Phone Inc. has something that can help you. Browse the sites, or call us at 800-326-7721.

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