How to Quickly and Easily Get Sales Intelligence About Prospects

in "The Art of Sales" Podcast

Sam Richter is recognized as the world’s leader in how to use the Internet and the “invisible web” to get intel on prospects, their organizations, and situations.

We of course can than use this intel in our outreach and sales process to be more relevant, have a greater chance of standing out from all of the noise we compete with, AND have more intelligent sales conversations.

In this episode of The Art of Sales podcast, Sam shares some of his ninja techniques and secrets that anyone can use right away to save time, and get more and better information more quickly.

Listen the Episode

8:10 Two simple search techniques–to use in Google, your emails, and anywhere there is a search box–that provide fewer, but FOCUSED, useful search results, potentially saving you an hour a day.  

12:30 How to get relevant news about your prospects in Google.    

17:23  Sales triggers and the secrets of how to find them    

23:17 How to find your targeted prospects using LinkedIn search    

25:47 A little-known, almost magical technique to find a person’s name when only a title comes up in the LinkedIn search because you are not connected to them.    

27:51 How Sam has automated the entire search process to help anyone do complicated searches in seconds rather than minutes–assuming they even knew how.

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