An Amazing, Personalized Way to Stay in Touch

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Last month I shared a post, Little Things Mean Everything, where I shared the story of my paper carrier and the personal notes she left me that made a huge impact.

I always have advocated the use of cards and handwritten notes to stay in contact with, and thank your customers and prospects. Most people agree this is a great idea. Yet, very few do it, since it is a hassle…buying cards, writing them out, etc.

It can be a LOT easier though. And inexpensive.

Within the past few weeks I discovered a service that allows you to send personalized thank you cards, greeting cards, and postcards, in your OWN handwriting and signature, including a hand-addressed envelope, from your computer, in less than 60 seconds, for only 62 CENTS, plus the postage, which is a First Class stamp, not a meter. Amazing! See a video with all the details here.

And actually, I was somewhat aware of this service over the past 16 months, since the rep who finally sold me on it had sent me a personalized card EVERY MONTH, and followed up with phone calls. I ignored them. He persisted. I finally gave in to his persistence and explored it, and bought into it. I only wish I would have done it earlier. 

If you want an edge through personalized touch with your prospects and customers, check out how to do it right now.

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