Art Makes a Phone Call Back to 1983–To Himself

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Last week I presented the keynote address at Inside Sales Boston-2010, an event put on by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals. The topic was "People 1.0" and essentially focused on how sales is still a PEOPLE business, and we should use technology as a tool, instead of making us into one.

In my research, I thought it would be good to go back to the basics, and look at what has always worked, particularly some of the things I did years ago when I first started my business. So, I used some special technology (you might not yet have heard about the special iPhone app) to actually call myself back in 1983.

It is humorous at times explaining to someone in the past all of the things we are doing and using today. And it also points out some of the absurdity of what we do today. Enjoy.

(click on the graphic below to play)










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