Create Interest With “Cheap Crap They Don’t Need”

in Opening Statements

I’ve often written about observing and learning from the beach vendors in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. While there a couple of months ago I saw a novel approach that we can learn from and emulate—in a sense.

One of the 50 or so guys carrying an open case full of jewelry walked by. He was different. His case had a big hand-lettered sign in it that read

“Cheap crap you don’t need.”

Person after person would do a double take, read the sign, start laughing, and then he would initiate a conversation with, “Take a look at this cheap crap you don’t need.”

I watched him as people who had reflexively turned away and ignored every other vendor spoke with him, and many bought!

The lesson here?

Be the same as everyone else and you will be ignored and turned away as well.
Instead, be different.
To grab attention you need to stand out from the crowd.
Personalize and tailor your messaging using your Smart Call intelligence.
Don’t say we can “save you time and money” like everyone else.
Get specific with how you do it, using names, facts, figures, pictures, videos, or even sending objects.
Doing the same old thing gets the same old thing.
How can you use this technique to stand out from the hundreds of other sales reps sending emails, leaving voicemails, and trying to speak with YOUR prospects? Leave your comments below.


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