Dumb Questions: Not Doing Anything With the Answers

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First, the response to the free motivational quotes ebook has been enormous! That’s great, happy to provide the value. FREE is an interesting concept, and I do suggest you pick up Chris Andersen’s book. "Free: The Future of Radical Price," to see how the economics of giving things away works in today’s economy.

OK, my final post this week on dumb questions.

The scene is the same restaurant as the previous post, same waitress. Five minutes later. Same question:

"How is everything?"

Me: "The food is great, but the flies in here really are annoying." (I had to brush them away from the food every few seconds. It was a nice enough looking place, but someone must have kept a door open for a long time.)

Her: (laughing) "Oh, I guess I should get you a fly-swatter."

Then she walked away.

Did I expect a free meal? No, but certainly a more concerned response, one having to do with an explanation or cure would have been appropriate.

It’s kind of like the person who asks, "How are you?", but does not listen to the answer and continues with their agenda.

Sales Point

Listen sincerely to the answers you get, and then be prepared to DO SOMETHING with them.  Ask questions for a reason, and then be prepared to act on the answers, especially if they’re answers you’d rather not hear.

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