Great Read for Those In Customer Service

Customer Service

The flight attendant on my US Airways flight from Atlanta to Phoenix last week was exceptional. She appeared like she actually enjoyed her job and was happy to be serving us. She smiled and made eye contact, she regularly came by and asked if we needed anything (always a plus when getting the free drinks in First Class), and she did not not hide in the galley doing crossword puzzles or reading magazines like so many flight attendants do.

So why am I even mentioning this? Because it seems that good customer service–as expected as it should be–is really rare. That’s why I guess I’m grateful and a bit surprised when I actually experience it. Sad as that is.

I’m often asked about good resources for customer service training. The very best I know of is from a fellow member of my mastermind group, Lisa Ford. Get her book, Exceptional Customer Service.  At $12.95 it’s a steal. 

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