Group Photos From Recent Training Sessions

Photos of Training Clients

As part of my blog, I’ll share some of the group photos from some of the training sessions I conduct around the world. Here are some recent groups of sales pros I had the opportunity to work with.

I was in New Providence, New Jersey and worked with reps who sell for Martindale-Hubbell/LexisNexis, selling to attorneys. Very impressive group of sales pros.









Right after that program I flew to the west coast, and presented two sessions at the S.P Richards conference.S.P. Richards is an office supply and equipment wholesaler and holds an annual meeting for their resellers, which are independent office equipment and supply dealers. Here’s a group shot from one of my sessions.













And right after that session, I flew back to the east coast, right to the heart of Manhattan, to attend, and speak at the National Speakers Association annual convention. We had a smaller, but enthusiastic group at my session on How to Sell at Full Price (I’ll have another post on some of the ideas I presented there.)

I hope to have the opportunity to work with you and your group or association. Give me a call to see if there is a fit.


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