How Do You Handle it When a Company Has a No-Calls Policy?

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Here’s an email I received from a fellow reader:


What do you do when the notes on an account tell you that the prospect has a policy of "no calls"?

I manage a team of telesales reps and we’ve got several accounts that are "no calls."  We keep going back because we know they are using a product just like ours, and are prospects with high potential. When there’s a policy of not accepting sales calls from ANY vendor–not just for our product–how would you suggest handling it?

We send emails and letters, as well as special sales fliers and the like. We usually try a call every 12-18 months just to see if the prospect has been replaced, or maybe we can get lucky and get through. Occasionally, we do get through based on the print material, and occasionally we get through because a volunteer or new staff member acting as screener doesn’t know about the policy.

Do you have any anecdotes, tips or magic bullets that you can share?

It’s always good to hear your perspective.

Thank you,
Chris Bitely
Marketing Manager
Center Point Large Print

OK, there you have it. I, and thousands of other readers will appreciate your response. Please post your responses here at the Blog. You’ll be able to see the other responses as they come in, and I’ll share many of them in my email newsletter next week, along with my own suggestions.

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