Photos From My Pacific Northwest Training Tour

Photos of Training Clients

Last week I traveled to the beautiful Pacific Northwest and worked with a number of inside and outside sales groups from five different companies over four days, presenting my Smart Calling training worshop.

Sprague Pest Solutions
I started with the sales reps from Sprague Pest Solutions in Tacoma. These guys sell pest control of all types to commercial establishments. (I learned more about bed bugs than I really wanted to, and now I’m a bit creeped out when I enter a hotel room).








CCTV Camerascan
Next I worked with the pros at CCTV Camerascan. As we discussed during my time with them, they are in the loss-prevention business. The product is closed circuit video surveillance. Wow, what a value proposition they have!  The system really pays for itself quickly. (Ironically, I did not have my camera with me)





Oh, What a Coincidence…
Nebraska Was Playing Washington
While I Was There

What luck! The Huskers just happened to be
playing Washington while I was there on Saturday.

So I joined 25,000 other Nebraska fans to
watch the Huskers pound the Huskies.

Seattle is a beautiful city, one of my favorites.
I did hear it has one of the highest suicide rates
in the country…perhaps due in part to the cloudy and
rainy weather. I think it must have something to do with the traffic also.



Forest City Trading Group
On to Portland on Monday, where in the morning I worked with reps from several subsidiaries of Forest City Trading Group. If you ever think you have it tough because of the economy, these guys sell lumber, the stuff used to build new homes. Need I say more? Of course, there is still business out there, and these guys are finding it.







Curry & Company
It was a busy day…in the afternoon I was with the fun reps from Curry & Company, a grower and distributor of onions and other high quality produce.








Bridgewell Resources
I concluded the marathon tour with a workshop for some of the traders at Bridgewell Resources, a global wholesale distributor and trader of a variety of products. These reps were in the food and ag divisions, selling a variety of items such as fertilizer, bird seed, and a number of food components.








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