Presenting to the Sales Superstars of Tomorrow at Ohio University

Photos of Training Clients

Last Saturday I had the great opportunity to present my Smart Calling workshop to the student, faculty, and partners of Ohio University’s Sales Centre. The Sales Centre is a certificate program at the University that trains and prepares its students to hit the ground running after graduation, with sales as their chosen field.

I was thoroughly impressed with the students and faculty of this outstanding program that is entirely self-funded. This year the program will have around 80 graduates entering the workforce. (Attention employers who recruit new college grads: wouldn’t you like to hire someone who has already committed to sales as their career choice, had to go through a selection process to get admitted to a prestigious educational program like this, and invested many hours of classroom and real-world field work towards that end? If so, contact Ken Hartung, Executive Director there, 740-593-9328)

Here are some photos from my day there.


















 Here are some of the directors of the Sales Centre, and the student leaders of the program. From left, Ken Hartung, Dr. Catherine Axinn, me, Nate Marshall, Katie Marvinney, Kaitlin Daly and Meredith Grossi. 

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