Recording of a Horrible Cold Call Voice Mail

Call Recordings

One of my training program past attendees told me he really enjoyed the recordings of calls that I play at training programs and said they are incorporating them into their own training. He sent in this prospecting voice mail that his boss had received. Take a listen and see how many mistakes the caller makes in just a short period of time. Then, share your comments below.

This type of call is one of the reasons it is tougher than ever to reach decision makers. People receive so many horrible voice mails that they barely listen to most, already going into them with a negative mindset. That’s precisely why, that to be successful and even have a chance, you need to place SMART calls, where you avoid the common mistakes that most “cold” callers commit in the first seconds of a call, and instead, use your Smart Call intelligence in a proven process to create interest.

And that is what we cover in the Know More! Cold Calling webinar I’m doing with Sam Richter on June 10-11. Get complete info and sign up now!

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