So, Why a Blog?


So, why a blog?

Good question. I resisted, dismissed, and pooh-poohed them forever, saying they were just boring personal diaries of vain, non-writers who had nothing of value to say but wanted to be published. Further, there was no good business reason to have one.

And, much of that is true, for the most part. For gosh sakes there are reports of over 115 MILLION blogs online. Who is reading this stuff? Not many people I’m sure.

However, I was surfing Josiane Feigon’s site (she is the newest columnist for our Telephone Prospecting and Selling Report newsletter) and found her Life in the TeleBusiness Trenches Blog and became fascinated with it. I liked her personal writing style, I liked the format, I liked the fact that it was about business, but not stuffy. It was the inspiration for this. (Thanks, Josiane!)

Like I always do when I explore something new, I went into major information-accumulation mode, buying every blog book I could find at Amazon (several hundred dollars worth), searched online for the “gurus” on blogging, and studied hundreds of blogs. I determined that I could and would do a telesales blog that would provide great information, entertainment, personal info, and also be profitable. Yes, the P word. I make no apologies, most things I get involved in are to create revenue. But I also know that money flows to value, so this must deliver, and it will.

This blog will post my weekly email sales tip, and more. I will add posts on a regular basis, perhaps 2-3 times or more per week. Successful blogs require traffic, which means new content and reasons to visit, often. What you’ll also get will be briefer tips, more personal observations, maybe controversial and edgy opinions, maybe some off-color stuff, rants, and fun things like photos, audios, actual phone calls, and videos.

Here’s what I’d like from you:

Comments. The cool things about blogs is that they are interactive. You can comment on every post made here, and I will personally review them, and respond. Not sure what I’m getting into here, but this is my plan to start.

Referrals. Please let others know. You can email directly from any of the posts, or just simply email someone, or call them. Or mention this cool blog when you’re at a bar with your buds.

Subscribe. If you are not yet on my email newsletter list, sign up to the top left. I will also be notifying subscribers of new posts. On the right hand side of the blog you see the orange “Subscribe” button. There’s this techy thing called an RSS feed that actually delivers all of my new posts right to your computer if you sign up for this.

As you might notice, I’ve already added a number of posts here going back to July. Just wanted to be sure this thing was ready to roll before announcing it to the world. So, check out the past posts, please do comment, and tell your friends and colleagues about us!

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