This Was a Value-Added Call

Customer Service

One of my vendors,, the company we use for voice mail service, told us on a customer service call that we could reduce the amount we are paying each month, AND get a higher level of service by switching to a new plan. THAT was a value-added call.

Some might question the intelligence of the strategy…c’mon, they are actually cutting their profits per month. However, they are practicing the highest level of integrity, since they are offering a new plan to new customers and felt that existing customers should get the same deal. Contrast that with magazines and other subscription-type products and services that only offer their introductory specials to new customers, while hosing their long-time, most loyal, and, by the way, most profitable customers.

I think it’s brilliant.

That will stick in my mind if I ever think about going elsewhere. Anyone else have something similar you do, or have experienced?

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