Two Days of Training, in the Same Clothes

Photos of Training Clients

Just got back from Barrie, Ontario, Canada, just outside of Toronto. I presented telesales workshops to two great companies: Busch Systems, which sells recycle bins and other containers to businesses, municipalities, and other organizations. I also worked with the group from Busch’s sister company, All Source Security Containers, providing document destruction containers and shredding bins to companies that provide that service to others.

It was quite an adventure getting there, with a cancelled flight on United, getting rebooked on Air Canada on a flight two hours later–which also was late, and then United not managing to get my bag to Air Canada in Chicago, even though they had almost three hours to do so. 

After waiting in the Toronto airport for about an hour for the next flight to arrive to see if my bag was on it (with no luck), I was promised it would be delivered to my hotel. It was already 11 p.m. and Barrie is over an hour away, so I was not optimistic.

I spoke with Air Canada’s baggage "service" center (which is in India) no fewer than 10 times over the next two days trying to get updates on my bag. United inexplicably still had it, flew it into Toronto the next morning, but somehow the two baggage desks at the Toronto airport, roughly 100 yards apart, could not communicate, therefore my bag sat there until the next morning, the day I was to leave. I was finally told it would be delivered to me within 24 hours. Which was of little help, since I’d be back in Omaha by then.

Here I am back in Omaha, and I’m not quite sure where my bag is. Perhaps vacationing in the Carribbean.

By the way, the bag contained the clothes I planned on wearing for the two days of seminars. Luckily, the groups I worked with dressed very casually, so my jeans, shirt, and sportcoat fit in nicely. I did buy a shirt in Barrie for the second day.

Ah, the glamor of airline travel.

Here are the photos of the great groups of sales pros.


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 All Source







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