What Do You Think of This Cold Call Voice Mail?

Cold Calling

Some of my best examples of what NOT to say in my Smart Calling training programs are from recordings of calls I have received. I’m sharing one with you today of a cold call voice mail message and would like your comments. Next week I will give my recommendations as to what this guy should do.

First, a little background:

I have received this same, exact cold call voice mail, from the same person, no fewer than 10 times over the past six months. After a while I thought it might be a recording, but he changed his ending to “Have a happy new year” on New Year’s Eve when he left it.

At the company’s site (which has minimal info) I can tell they are a temporary help staffing company.

I have not yet spoken to the rep live.

Please listen to the call, then leave your comments below.

Click the Button Below to Play the Cold Call Voice Mail

[sc_embed_player fileurl=’https://smartcalling.comnewsite/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/ColdCall1-14.mp3′]

(I have edited out his name, company, and phone number.)

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