What’s Happened to Customer Service?

Customer Service

Here’s something that annoys me to no end: “service” personnel who act as if you have inconvenienced them by trying to give them your money.

For example, at a grocery store today, I placed a couple of items near the check-out scanner. The clerk, around 17-years old I’m guessing, was text messaging, apparently not caring about the customer in front of him. I said, “Excuse me.”

He then glanced at me, fingers still feverishly dancing across his cell phone keypad, flipped the phone shut, and proceeded to scan my items without saying a word, but looking a bit put out that I interrupted his virtual discussion.

Sadly, this is not uncommon, and you probably have a similar story. What is it with companies that tolerate poor treatment of customers?

I am not in the customer service training business, but I have some friends who are. In fact, a couple of them, Lisa Ford and Larry Winget are two of the experts in a new electronic video “book” that provides over three HOURS of customer service training for a ridiculously low price.

You can see a free preview of the book and get some ideas by clicking on this icon, and then clicking on it again at the page it takes you to.

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