“Why Won’t Anyone Return My !*#@$% Call?”

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Here’s an interesting article from the Software Advice blog, "Why Won’t Anyone Return My !*#@$% Call?",  pointing out the fact that many buyers do their research prior to speaking with sales reps, and are quite knowledgeable about products and services. As the author, Don Fornes, says, it’s wise to be well-represented in the places where your potential buyers look for information. Also it underscores the need to be an expert not only on your value proposition, but that of your competition.

While I agree with most of the article, as with many articles of this type, sales reps need to be sure to not take it as an excuse to place fewer calls, and instead, do more social media and marketing activities. While those are great supplements and complements to your sales efforts, bottom line, the person who is most successful is the one who is actually talking to prospects. There’s no doubt that is tougher today, which means that reps need to do Smart Calling, not "cold" calling.

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