Are You Missing These Buying Signals?

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Actor scriptI saw an article in the real estate section of the paper that dealt with buying signals.

The piece explained the signs to watch for from prospects when selling your own home. They apply to our sales as well.

The author, Ellen James Martin suggested that the people walking through a home who are the most courteous and polite usually don’t have serious interest.

Normally they’re tire kickers. The ones who are more judgmental about features they do NOT like are typically the ones most likely to make an offer.

Martin suggests not taking the comments personally, but rather to use the feedback to help shape a deal to the prospect’s liking, offering a “decorating allowance,” for example.

Think of how this applies to you. I’ve seen lots of sales reps who had great “relationships” with people they regularly called, but not much business to show as a result. Sure, the people were friendly, and the rep and “customer” would have conversations like neighbors over the backyard fence.

However, the reps were reluctant to be “pushy” (their perception) and ask for business.

In other cases, think of the people who whine and moan fairly often. They complain about shipping charges, shipping times, price increases … but they wouldn’t think of buying elsewhere. They’re demanding, but fair, and they buy a lot, paying on time.

Hold your ground with people who are sometimes critical and demanding. It could be a sign that they care and are interested.

Possession Signals
Davis also suggests being aware of signs of “buyer attachment.” That’s when prospective buyers make comments indicating they already view themselves owning the home. For example, talking about where they would hang pictures or where furniture would be placed.

We need to listen for similar signals. It’s a sign they have already bought in their mind when prospects or customers say,

“We’d probably send three people to that type of session.”

“That would integrate nicely with our system.”

“Jim would be the guy who would handle the implementation for us…”

More Buying Signals
I’ve put together a list of more signs that your prospector customer is ready to move forward.

-When they repeat a question that has been answered fully already, or asking the same question twice in rapid succession. Example: “What was that you said about the add-on module? How much did you say those were again?”

-“Risk-minimization” questions. They’re leaning toward a buying movement, yet they want to have their bases covered regarding risk. “So you said this comes with a guarantee?” “I can return it if it doesn’t work for me, right?”

-When they mention someone else who has bought from you. “My friend over at BS Services said he used you guys before and it worked out well.”

-Possible buying signal: they relate an experience with a competitor, or a similar type of product or
even if it was negative. “I did work at one time with AB Company, but didn’t have a great experience.” This could mean that they’re open to your type of product or service, but were burned before and need to be assured that you are different.

-If they ask about you, they might be a buyer. Questions about how long you’ve been with the company, your background or your future plans suggest the buyer believes you’re an important part of the sale, and he has already decided your company and product are OK.

Recognize these signals depending on the situation, question to get them to continue talking, followed by your eventual commitment question, or go for the commitment earlier.

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Jules Richmond January 21, 2013 at 8:12 am

This is an excellent article! A lot of marketers, especially the newcomers, will definitely learn from these simple, yet very effective tips.


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