Use These Two Questions to Close Perfectly

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You’ve probably experienced the amateur salesperson or the cheesy, hard sell, shady huckster spring the “closing technique” on you, right?

Think of all the negative emotions that flooded over you when you heard it. Including thinking, “I gotta get out of here.”

Let me explain…

Closing is not, and should not be about techniques or hard sell manipulative tactics.

When done professionally, it is a natural next step in a natural conversation. image

With that said, we still need to ask for the commitment and the business. The key is doing it at the right time, in the right way.

So that it is natural, comfortable, conversational, and neither of you thinks a “close” just happened. James Muir has developed two simple questions that have been proven to be the most effective steps to take to get prospects to move forward in the sales process, and buy.

In the new episode of The Art of Sales podcast, you’ll hear the exact words, and how to use them.

These two questions can help you blow away your sales and income projections this year.

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