ANOTHER Cold Call Voice Message; What About THIS One?

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Thanks to everyone who commented on the voice mail recording from last week. As expected, you, my astute audience of sales pros had no problem picking out the flaws that doom such messages to rapid voice mail deletion.

I replied to the comments there at the blog (you can still go there, listen, and leave your comments) and I was all prepared to share the approach that caller, or any caller should take for voice mail (it’s not new… I’ve shared it before) and then… Rose Molz, President of EZ Office Products, who had submitted the message last week that she had received… sent me a another one!

Her subject line to me was, “In Fairness To The Worst VM Ever – Here’s One That Might Get A Call Back.”  I listened to it, and before I give my comments, I’d like to open it up to you all for your analysis and suggestion.

I did joke with Rose that we could make this a regular feature or reality show: “Calls Rose Receives.”  She decided to focus on her day job.

Ok, take a listen, put your coach’s cap on as you break down the tape and give your analysis.

Next Tuesday, I will give my complete analysis of both calls, AND a simple formula for a successful message.


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