Man Suing My KC Royals for Getting Hit in the Eye With a Wiener (insert your own punch line)

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This has nothing to do with sales. But I am so upset I had to share it with you.

At this time of the year I get really optimistic, since Spring Training is now starting for baseball teams, and everyone technically still has an equal chance. I will attend as many spring games as I can in Arizona.  I’ve been a lifelong Kansas City Royals fan since their inception in 1969, when I was just 9. I was at the seventh game of the World Series when they won it all in 1985. And I have followed them in all the years since when they have mostly sucked. I even attended their fantasy camp a few years ago and had the opportunity to play with and against guys I watched while growing up. I’m just a Royals geek. And hey, we made some offseason moves, that, well, we’ll see…these guys could have career years.

But now, however, a horrible omen has thrown a damper on even my unreasonable optimism. A man has filed a lawsuit against the Royals because he was hit in the eye at a game last year by a hot dog thrown by the mascot, a guy in a lion suit. (See the story here.) Great, that’s all we need.

So I’m thinking the Royals have now already been mathematically eliminated from contention. There’s always next year.


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